Whispered Stories

Tzimisce Lore

Every clan has at least one story of it’s history. The clan of shapers is no different, with a history as malleable and incredible as they themselves. With roots in dark legends and blood history with certain other clans, the Tzimisce can never be accused of stagnation.

The Legend of Kupala

One of the greatest legends and deepest mysteries in Vampire. A enigmatic name that shaped vampire clans and blood more than many know… Kupala has always tempted characters with forbidden knowledge, and players as well.

Mages – According to the Inquisition

The Society of Leopold has long been aware of the existence of mages. The Church itself has always known of their existence, from the earliest days of the apostles. Mages competed with the apostles and disciples of the early church, attracting the attention, faith and, in some cases, worship of the populace. When the Inquisition…

Hunter The Vigil, Society of Leopold

For the Society of Leopold, the Enemy is clear. He may be obfuscated in the modern day, rationalized away, locked in mythology and fairy tales, and simply disbelieved by the populace at large, but he is the Enemy — the Antichrist. His forces are manifold, and this legion of unholy warriors for Armageddon is precisely…

The Ideal Inquisitor

Few hard-and-fast rules exist to determine whether an individual is considered “qualified” for membership. Obviously, the Society requires full members to be at least nominal members of the Roman Catholic Church.

A Little Help From Friends

The Society of Leopold maintains a wide network of spies, allies and friends, both within and without the Church. Some are, of course, seeds planted by the Society — Inquisitors who choose not to hunt, but to stay in whatever Church (or public) office they might hold, rising in prominence in order to assist the…

Letter of a Devoted Servant

To W.H.; From your most devoted servant: Many years have passed and I fervently hope that time will have dulled somewhat the distressing memories you carry. I dare to send you this in a spirit of supplication; while your forgiveness is too much to ask, I crave at least your understanding. I owe you some…